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Reference Projects

The following list represents an excerpt of already implemented customized projects. They demonstrate the diversity of the developed products are in their variety of applications. Tell us about your product idea! We take care of the realization. From prototype up to the serial production.

  • WLAN-Gateway for dataloggers
    Compact automotive PC on an ETX basis. Lemo plug connection for all interfaces.
    Extended temperature range.
    Number of units: 100

  • Break pressure indicator for test drivers 
    Display unit for two brake circuits. Switchable measurement range.
    Brake output pressure via CAN interface.
    Number of units: 100

  • Brake pressure measurement system
    Workshop device for simultaneous inspection of up to eight brake pressures on utility vehicles.
    Solid aluminium housing with customers design.
    Number of units: 200 p.a. scheduled

  • Temperature DAQ system
    4-channel PT1000 DAQ system with USB port.
    Calibrateable. Solid aluminium housing with customers design.
    Number of units: 25 p.a.

  • Interface card for automotive PC
    Serial interface and slot card in PC104 format.
    Matching boards with plug connection for mounting.
    Number of units: 10.000 each

  • Datalogger for automotive applications
    Compact automotive PC with eight CAN interfaces, 16 analog inputs,
    digital I/O and serial interfaces. Storage of measurement data in compact flash.
    Number of units: 800

  • ABS simulator
    19" housing with different slot cards.
    Simulation of anti locking system control signals in utility vehicles.
    Number of units: 500

  • Measurement amplifiers
    5B compatible measurement amplifiers with 50mV input.
    Galvanically separated.
    Number of units: 50

  • Digital I/O card for ticket machines
    ISA card with 48 digital lines. Customized plug connectors.
    Number of units: 7000

  • I/O module for controlling of EMC test systems
    Digital plug module in DIP24 .
    Number of units: 200

  • Digital I/O device with USB connection for industrial data acquisition
    16 digital in- and outputs, each galvanically separated from PC.
    Solid aluminium housing.
    Number of units: 150 p.a.

  • Plug-in card for controlling of microscopes
    PCIe card with 4 analog outputs and 32 digital in- and outputs.
    Generator feature.
    Number of units: 100 p.a.

  • I/O card for LVDT signals
    Simulation of control stick signals. Acquisition of tilt in two axes.
    Number of units: 5

  • DAQ system for analog and digital signals in aircarfts
    Output of measurement data via an ARINC bus.
    LBA certified by the client.
    Number of units: 9

  • DAQ system for acquisition of characteristics of aircraft engines
    Digital and analog measurement data are transferred via an ARINC bus.
    LBA certified by the client.
    Number of units:21

  • Pressure sensor with power output
    Pressures in the range of 0...100pa can be acquired and put out via a 0...20mA voltage interface.
    Number of units: 10

  • Control of industrial plants
    Control and regulation functions can be implemented via digital in- and outputs and data of pressure sensors.
    Display and configuration via a web browser.
    Number of units: 1200 p.a.

  • Control electronics of pneumatic valves
    Activation/control electronics for two valves with display units. Linked via RS485.
    Number of units:1200 p.a.

Our Clients

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