You state your challenge
and we take it on.

You have got a problem or idea?

There is no standard product on the market, that does the job?
You don't know how to challenge your task?

We are your partner for solving your task!

A partner that

  • equips your product with powerful electronics
    for you to stay competitive and keep up with the development
    of industry 4.0.

  • matches your company in size and structure,
    because we put strong emphasize on personal contact, availablilty and proximity.

  • can implement a complex product with special demands on environment and safety. Because this is one of our core strenghts.

  • pulls a powerful start with you, even if you are unsure on how to challenge your project.
    We help you to define your targets and develop your product idea – all in your best interest.

  • can realize your product, even if time is short.
    You can transform your basic idea into serial production with us in just a few months. Big companies can quite often not offer this – we can.

  • controls the pricing of your product already in the development stage. 
    Because we always plan our development in respect to the professional serial production.
    It doesn't stop at the prototype stage. We are most comfortable in the region of 100 - 1000 units
    (although we certainly have no limit to the top).
  • the expense for the development can be split individually.
    We are very flexible in regards to the apportionment of the development cost. 
    Declared separately or distributed on the number of units – just as you like.

Always at your side:

We are happy to support you from the first moment on:
Get your personal contact partner and consultant right away.

Mister Roland Rehberg
Phone: +49 8141 404180 0
E-Mail: d2m@bmcm.de

Tell us more about your project

We would like to know more about you and your situation, in order to step by step come to a perfectly matching solution for you.

Did you have thoughts about the following aspects already?

  • Name of the product?
  • Amount of units?
  • Time frame?
  • Development cost?
  • Functionality of the product?
  • Product cost?

Even if you are unsure about some of these aspects, contact us – via e-mail or telephone.